The BBS DLP 6500 ALC DMD Kit – a full HD Microdisplay Kit

DLP 6500 kit
DLP 6500 Image

utilising the DLP 6500 spacial light modulator and the DLPC910 advanced light control chipset, it is applicable for Industrial Series Products, Evaluation and Research.

Displaytype:DLP6500BFYEDisplayspecs:0.65" 1920 x 1080 pixel
Memory Module:2GByte DDR3Chipset:DLPC910 Advanced Light Control
Storage:>7500 Bit planesPC Interface:USB 3.0
Transferrate: >1000 Planes/s PC to Memory uncompressedFramerates:1bit: >10000 Hz
8bit: 280 Hz
Programmable Sequence Engine:(loops registers conditions)
Plane and Line addressing (scroll mode)
Trigger:2xIn (level or edge) 2xOut
Connections:2x 4 pin CPU Fan Connector
I²C e.g. for LED Driver
1x GPIO 3pin programmable
1x Aux 14pin
Power:12V 2A

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