Electronics, Software and FPGA development

bbs offers electronics, software / firmware and user interface development.

Software DesignSystem IntegrationElectronic DesignFPGA
– C/C++
– .net
– Linux
– Windows
– Mechanical Integration
– Sensor Integration
– Analog and Digital electronics
– High Speed Digital
– Ethernet
– PCIE Express
– Display Interfaces
- Xilinx/AMD
- Altera/Intel
- Block level
- High Level Synthesis
micro controller layer

Advanced FPGA Development for Microdisplay and other Electronics – Customized Solutions

With expertise in electronics, software, and firmware development, we deliver reliable and efficient results that align with your project goals.

Tailored to Your Needs: We understand the unique requirements of your project. Our FPGA development services are fully customizable to fit your specifications, delivering solutions that meet your specific goals.

Seamless Integration: Our FPGA solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing electronics systems. We focus on compatibility, simplicity and streamlining the integration process.

With our customized approach, we deliver reliable FPGA solutions for your project. Let us be your partner and provide or combine the expertise destined for success.

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