D7 HD Kit: LCD L3C07U-85G13

1920 x 1080 pixels (HD) 0,74“; runs up to 3 panels

LCD Microdisplay-D7
Epson HD panel + bbs LCD controller + bbs adapter board + bbs polarizer + flatcable
video signal from DVI socket1920 x 1080 pixel (EPSON L3C07U–85G13) 0,74“
power supply+ 5V (+/- 3%), stabilized, 0,7A
+20V (19-25V), stabilized, 0,5A
Photo software availablenecessary for exposing photographic paper
to compensate panel shading and gradation.
dimensions controller134 x 128 mm
dimensions flexible circuit adapter66 x 45 mm
Settings (by software)mirror: left + right
mirror: up + down
brightness & contrastGamma LUT

Bit assignment: 12 bit digital LCD Controller


to see the Adjustment Software preview and Board Layout with connectors click on the pdf link here.

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