Micro LCD Interface 017 / 029

Interface for SONY b/w micro LCD panel LCX017 and LCX029

lcd LCX017-LCX029 Controller
LCX017-LCX029 Controller
video signal1024 x 768 from DVI socket
power supply+ 5V (+/- 3%), stabilized, 0,7A
+20V (19-25V), stabilized 0,3A
offset necessaryfor exposing photographic paper to compensate panel shading
dimensions interface160 x 100 mm
dimensions flexible circuit adapter38 x 50 mm

Interface Calibration

lcd LCX017 Adapter, Display
LCX017 Adapter, Display
lcd lcx029 display
lcx029 display

mirror, left + right, up + down jumper

Polarizer for SONY b/w micro LCD Panel LCX017 and LCX029

bbs polarizer
bbs polarizer
polarizer standardfloatglas 1,0 mm, 1-side anti reflection coating
polarizer wide angle:
for wide angle compensatio
floatglas 1,1 mm, 1-side anti reflection coating

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